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Chalk GrasslandMain Issues

Chalk Grassland

  • Fragmented habitats, unconnected & isolated
  • Overgrown, under grazed with increasing areas of scrub
  • Unknown quality since designation of SSSI’s & AONB 1980’s
  • Few recorders, monitoring 90% sites outside NT & Wildlife Trust owned reserves

Ancient WoodlandAncient Woodland

  • Fragmented ancient habitats unconnected & isolated
  • Most small woodlands not managed for at least two generations
  • Dark, quiet and full canopy with declining variety of species. No commercial use of hazel understory
  • Wood banks and features as old coppice stands or veteran trees on verge of structural failure / wind blow
  • Few recent records or monitoring
  • Potential lost of key structural elements of Downland landscape that significantly enhance aesthetic quality

Chalk EbbleChalk Ebble River

  • Increasing siltration, warming temperature & low flows in summer
  • Lack of dappled shade, tree management
  • Alien species increasing
  • Low community pride and appreciation
  • Lost wetlands and water meadows since 1920’s
  • Loss of bank habitat – residential properties and hard ploughing
  • Poor migration of species – barriers
  • Increasing surface water flooding

Dark SkiesDark Skies

  • Increasing pressure and danger from light pollution
  • One of the largest remaining dark skies in Southern England – exactly covers the LPS and AONB to the north
  • Lack of planning support from Local Authorities and local communities without Designation as Dark Sky Reserve Status
  • Poor awareness/appreciation as premier dark sky location in Southern England


  • Awareness raising events, roadshows and recruitment
  • Grants to reintroduce positive management
  • Biological ID training, baseline & monitoring
  • Practical conservation training and work parties

  • Community influencing strategies
  • Community ownership and pride
  • Events to celebrate progress and maintain interest
  • Empower local champions to continue to safeguard