• Cranborne Chase & Chalke Valley Landscape Partnership, Rushmore Farm, Tinkley Bottom, Tollard Royal, Wiltshire, SP5 5QA  Tel: 01725 517417

Archaeological Pioneers

  • Public Events & Touring Exhibition (Target - Recruit 200) - Celebrate, raise awareness & encourage new recruits.  Touring exhibition (Who’s SAM recruitment kiosk, dig box, metal detector game - Horrible History style
  • School workshops – local Museum/actor visits, dig boxes (technique sessions) sketching, finds handling to every primary school child in 6 weeks leading up to each town talk. 
  • Actors playing Pitt-Rivers, Bronze Age Warrior others appearing locally (caught by media) to build up interest during run up to, then delivery of full ‘Town Hall’ lectures about them, their sites, who they dug up and why archaeology is AWESOME  – performance by actors, skeletons dug up etc, have your find identified, ask the expert sessions, free refreshments etc
  • Traineeships programme across museums,2/3 a year, with basic bursary – to enable broad experience of lots of areas, supporting programme and network dealing with roadshow, finds, interpretation etc arising from project
  • Huge training programme of new recruits to re-survey priority SAMs, work on new sites (geophys, sketching & processing finds, interpretation, test pitting, ground truthing, LiDAR, illustration etc)  - Lots of ‘transferable skills’
  • LiDAR of whole LPS –  interpreted by local experts to aid management group to sort priorities for survey/conservation (new sites, ones where protection/improvement desirable & joining up the evidence of our iconic linear features)
  • LiDAR and other heritage layers provided ON-LINE at parish by parish level with all other publically available layers - ability to overlay and anyone to feedback things noticed. Mobilise interested parishes to lead work, get involved in their patch.
  • Volunteer programme - to survey new sites and assess condition of SAMs (Scheduled Ancient Monuments) and new sites identified. Calendar of new ‘Big dig’ events – for volunteers, some open to wider public at appropriate non-scheduled sites (opportunities already identified – to include schools and young people from hard to reach groups running their own projects)
  • New groups to carry out conservation work to protect SAMs and other identified priority sites.
  • LPS staff to negotiate access and secure longer-term management solutions, access, interpretation etc with landowners - via grants & agreements
    Secondary likely outcomes, student placements, PhD projects, interpretation, on-line resources and other additional volunteer/community projects

Dramatic events

Growing list of potential ideas :-

  • Huge School Celebration of LPS programme - 500 children on Win Green kite flying afternoon, followed by mystery of the Drove storytelling tea and early evening star gazing (6months workshops in schools researching what’s special about the chase and individuals building kites and banners for dozens of iconic species, items & famous people)
  • March of Roman Legion along Roman road and 4/5 schools, followed by public living history day for thousands to meet the romans and local tribes at the Ancient Technology Centre (and play the part of romans or local tribes)
  • Drama filmed re-creation events - Shaftesbury Drove Smuggler moonlight night filming (transfer of Brandy from coast), Cunning Dick hold up of stagecoach, Droving of 300 sheep in costume along Shaftesbury Drove at set time during Georgian village fair in Chalke Valley to see the entertainment (hanging)
  • Meet and walk with Hardy – dress in period costume, high tea and a walk to Penbury Knoll to enjoy the view with Hardy, Tess and other characters! A painting class up there already? Sumner is teaching others his techniques.
  • Larmer Tree Pleasure Grounds - Victorian Entertainment Recreation Event, with charabancs from Bournemouth & Poole


Monitoring & Action to improve nature

  • Permeability mapping of habitats/species
  • Public Events (to celebrate special species found in the area, raise awareness/encourage new recruits). We will also promote to communities on the doorstep of areas of interest, associated groups and networks with similar interests
  • Recruitment initiative similar to pioneers – call to action!
  • Training of 120? recruits for full range of key species (e.g. associated with chalk streams, grassland & woodland habitats – includes target of 25-30 young people)
  • Bespoke grouping of community/interest days on chalk streams
  • Volunteer surveying programme across SSSI’s network (plus other designations), open access land, woodland and in partnership with cluster farmers
  • Ongoing support and easier recording/mentoring of recorders
  • Targeted volunteer conservation work (AONB minibus, practical conservation gear and leader/s
  • Grants, tech support and encouragement to landowners – for targeted features (e.g. Dew Pond restoration) and other targeted investment - arising from permeability mapping and survey work (buffers, connecting sites, best habitat improvement opportunities) – help providing evidence for high level stewardship and future agri-environment scheme work

Heritage Schools Learning Cluster

  • In partnership with Historic England we will provide training, supply cover and support for willing local teachers to develop skills, resources for themselves and other schools in the area to use sites on their doorstep.


7 Ground-up Parish Projects

  • We’ll support at least 7 community ideas for cultural and/or wildlife initiatives of their own design.