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White woman haunts the area
Cecil Beaton — photographer to the stars who loved the Chalke Valley
Retired farm worker & woodman - Audio recording 1956
Ghostly rider seen by archaeologist R.C Clay one evening in the winter of 1927/28
Highwaymen, Highwaywoman and Smuggling on Shaftesbury Drove
Isaac started his notorious empire from Sixpenny Handley
Archaeological pioneer of the 17th century
Public information film from 1918, during WWI – sharing rural daily life from the area.
Discworld novellist lived in Broad Chalke
Vashti Vincent, Sixpenny Handley, Wiltshire 1957
Lord of the Flies author lived in Bowerchalke

Ernest Cockman – 5th (City of London) Battalion badge cutter


Harold Dymond Peel — the Pommie Padre
Henri, Hurdcott Camp's French orphan
Richard Rolfe – the well travelled soldier