• Cranborne Chase & Chalke Valley Landscape Partnership, Shears Building, Stone Lane Industrial Estate, Wimborne, BH21 1HD  Tel: 01725 517417

The vision for a 2.6M Landscape Partnership Scheme over 5 years.

“A Cranborne Chase and Chalke Valley which is a healthier and better functioning landscape for people and wildlife, nationally recognised for its beauty, its extraordinary historic links to the past, a place where everyone can make a true connection with their environment, a living landscape where opportunities exist for present and future generations to appreciate and enjoy nature and heritage”.

To do this we aspire to:

  • Orchestrate practical work to conserve, enhance & restore key features of natural and cultural heritage
  • Work in partnership to promote and aid sustainable management of the landscape
  • Provide opportunities for individuals and communities to care for, and make decisions about local heritage
  • Foster a pride in the unique and rich heritage of this landscape – amongst the local population, businesses and gateway communities
  • Promote opportunities for people to develop knowledge and skills to increase sustainability of the landscape and provide a legacy for the future

Natural Landscapes

  • Nurturing Nature (Biodiversity programme – engaging communities, volunteer training, work & landowner grants)
  • Crystal Clear Ebble (Protection, restoration, and improvement of this important chalk river)
  • Wonderful Woodlands (Bringing woodlands back to life, skills, education & jobs)
  • Greater Grazing (Martin Down)
  • Starry, Starry Nights (Dark Skies training & events)

Historic Landscapes

  • Champions for the past (Huge archaeological engagement & action programme)
  • Heritage Schools Cluster
  • Bringing the landscape to life (Interpretation & Discovery Programme)

Cultural Landscapes

  • Ancient Ways & footsteps on the Chalk (Access programme)
  • Community Arts-based Projects
  • Roman Rally & Living History Events
  • Dorset Cursus Ceremony
  • Scheme Celebration

For full details regarding all of these schemes, download the full PDF - Round-Up of all Projects